Service Brass is a diversifed company whose services include engineering, pattern production, foundry operations, casting, machining and sales.


Service Brass Foundry
features state-of-the-art equipment, including automatic and semi-automatic molding machines, electric melting and computer controlled overhead sand processing and high production shell core machines.  Our facility is equipped to serve our customers' needs from prototype to castings in the thousands, with weight capabilities from a few ounces to 1500 pounds.


Our machine shop and warehouse facility occupy a separate 10,000 square foot area adjacent to the foundry.  Featuring CNC milling and turning centers, we have the ability to economically machine products to your specifications.  We are primarily geared up to machine brass and aluminum castings.

A majority of our volume is government related and consequently must meet rigid inspection procedures, close tolerance standards and extremely high quality control requirements.  We employ this same quality control program for all of our customers to ensure the integrity of our products.  Each item is individually inspected before packing and shipping.  The quality control system is geared to satisfy MIL-I-45208.  Outside testing services are also available.